Everyone has summer vacation on the mind, and doing so in this new reality offers a few challenges. The worst thing for most people to do, would be to get on a plane and travel somewhere. The entire time you are in the air, you are being exposed to recirculating air, and the people around you.

Many of us have resorted back to the vacations of our past. When we were kids, going to Galveston was the thing to do. We weren't hopping on planes to fly to another city, that was for crazy rich people. I wanted to bring my friends, and Galveston made it all just work.

Now with everyone keeping their vacations local, these places are now flooded with people. If you are working from home, make home on the beach right? If you are planning on going though, you are going to have to pack something a little different than years past.

The order from Galveston County went into effect at midnight Tuesday April 23rd (Today). It requires face coverings for every employee, and customer when they are closer than 6ft. Business that don't comply are the ones that will get the fines, not us according to the Galveston County Daily News.

People from here in East Texas are flocking to the places we love, like Crystal Beach and Galveston.  Just remember that's the closest beach for a lot of people in Texas and even other states further north. That means you have to be extra cautious when around other people at the store, or the beach.

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