If you are planning on a trip to the lake this weekend in East Texas, and want all eyes on you?

Ladies love the Dad body, supposedly. I will say at least here in Texas, it's easier to find. So loving something that is in abundance really ups the level of suitable mates. But would you go so far as to, as a lady, sport a big ol' hairy dad bod yourself? I think this is payback from women to all men that wear a romper.

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This will get you a few double takes as you are skiing around the lake this weekend. Take a look at this swimsuit. We have all seen the hyper realism of an animals face on a shirt, or a swimsuit. But what about a body, on your body. This really takes it one step further.

They even make them in three different skin tones. The lighter one actually looks kind of pink when you put it on next to tan skin, so it's good to have options.

If nothing else it will really freak out the kids, and have the adults talking about it wherever you go. Guess you really would have to have a good sense of humor to pull this off.

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