As a kid of the late 80's and early 90's, video games were the thing. At the time, Nintendo was the king. They had a home console and also a portable system in the Gameboy. However, if you couldn't afford a Gameboy, another handheld gaming alternative was Tiger Electronics.

The company made these handheld games that used a LCD screen that displayed choppy movements and controls that were not that great. I had three or four of these;  Gauntlet, Double Dragon, a racing game and one other I can't remember right now. Yeah, they played like crap but there was an odd bit of fun to them.

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Well, Hasbro will be reintroducing these games later this year. Four games will be available to start with:

The Little Mermaid


Transformers: Generation 2


X-Men: Project X


Sonic The Hedgehog 3


All four are available for pre-order at for $14.99 each. I really want to pick these up. I probably won't open them. Just keep them in the packaging to collect.

Thanks Hasbro for the ultra tug of the Nostalgia string.