There is a group in Nacogdoches that is making a difference in the homeless communities lives. Blessing Bags For Nac is pretty self explanatory. They are putting together bags filled with necessities for homeless adults and children to be freely given. This a great organization full of selfless thoughtful individuals giving their time and resources to make this happen. If you would like to join them in the cause they have a fundraiser coming up.

The event is Saturday, September 19th, from 10-2pm at 7399 US 59 at 'The Farm Lot' in Nacogdoches in the Redfield area. It's shaping up to really be something interesting. They've added show cars and a live band to raise awareness.

Blessing Bags for Nac will be selling hot dogs and drinks, and more to raise funds there. Funds that will be used to make as many bags as possible. Laurie Roth, Angela Powers, and Stephanie Hess have all been working hard to put these bags together.

Of course due to Covid-19 essentials for the homeless has changed. Among the toiletries, they now include masks and hand sanitizer. Items that get packed into bags vary depending on if it's for a male or female. There are even bags for kids.

Check their event on facebook to get the details as the date gets a little closer. They had a previous fundraiser planned at Atwood's that became a causality of Covid cancellations. You can also message them if you would like to volunteer to help with the fundraiser. They also have a great T-Shirt that you can see on their event page you can purchase to help.



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