If you are currently a customer of the Hip Hicks Boutique they are moving very soon. They will be leaving their location on Chestnut in Lufkin, where they have been for over 5 years. Now they are joining forces with one of my favorite places, the Angelina County Farmers Market in Lufkin. Their current location was a huge success, but now they are hoping to build upon that with the move.

New management at the Angelina County Farmers Market is making moves and attracting even more business to commit to long term stays in their facility. I have really enjoyed the changes and upgrades so far.

Their drive though lights for Christmas were a huge hit. Now that Del Rio is right next door, everyone has a much better idea where the facility is now. Though its been there a very long time, due to that restaurant and other stuff coming to that part of town, it is booming. 

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They will reopen the business as the Hip Hicks Boutique & Gifts at the Farmers Market. They will be in great company with all the recent additions.Places like Real Time Breads, Salt & Honey, Michelle's Sweet Dreams, Community Treasures, Affordable T-Shirts, Wright Chuckwagon, Good Ol' Days and Bryan Farms are all on the property.

You still have time to get your Valentine something special there. They will be open for shopping Friday and Saturday leading up to the big day. If you are like me and still haven't gotten a thing, well that is the best news ever.

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