Last Saturday a police officer in a town Southwest of Houston pulled into an apartment complex and there’s a kid playing with a football all alone. It’s what happens next that has people sharing the story.

Character is something that is often overlooked in our society. The true character of a man is always hidden, usually by him. This officer didn't know it, but he was changing someones life in this clip.

I think a great way to police our society is to make sure that everyone knows that the police are your friends. They are just normal people, men and women, doing a thankless job that they love. They spend a lot of time away from their families to make sure your family is safe, or at least made comfortable in an emergency. You can come to them anytime, and you will find justice.

This dashcam video started going viral just this past week. We can be proud of this police officer from Rosenberg, Texas for his work in the community.

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