I watched my family work tirelessly over the past 30 years making our family-owned restaurants a place where families can gather and eat a meal that our ancestors would approve of. Owning a family restaurant is more than feeding someone. A chef and restauranteur find joy when you relish the dish prepared for you. As a server, I took so much pride seeing patrons sing the praises of the food.

1836 Texas Kitchen

Small businesses are the biggest risk-takers, they chose to invest in a community, they hire workers from that same community and pray and hope that the community loves them back. How beautiful is it that a family chooses to love and invest in OUR community?

Are you in the group of people who are choosing to hunker down for the next several weeks? Local businesses will be taking the biggest hits. Restaurants may see their loyal patrons become scarce. What is normally a 30 to 45-minute wait may become an empty restaurant. Servers rely on people dining in, how are they to pay for their food and bills? Fear of the coronavirus can affect more than the toilet paper supply. It can plummet a small business.

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1836 Texas Kitchen

I saw someone on Facebook recommend buying gift cards for your favorite local restaurants and treating your significant other out to a fun night after a couple of weeks of self-quarantine. This is perfect if you choose to not go out for the foreseeable future. You can also order your food to go, you're in and out of their establishment in 2 minutes with limited people to people interaction. Of course, you can always choose to bring a bunch of hand sanitizer with you and enjoy a wonderful meal at your favorite joint.

I hope you don't live in fear. I hope you do respect the virus and those around you by taking all the precautionary measures, but most of all, I hope that our community continues to take care of each other.