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  • Texas is all about great food
  • Some are an acquired taste
  • Snacks that stick with you

It's only fitting that we should have snacks that are uniquely our own. Texas is bigger than most countries, so it only makes good sense that we care so much about our cuisine.

If you have just moved to Texas, and you want to immerse yourself in the culture you have come to the right place to learn. In the Lone Star State, we don't mess with a lot of fluff.

Texans have a very different relationship with food than the other 49 states in the U.S. We will take from any culture and call it our own, as long as it's good eating.

Some Texas Snacks Are So Big They Could Be A Meal

You can make a meal of most of these, and many of us do. The perfect Texas snack is hearty, even if there is a lot of sugar and other carbs involved.

Have you ever had Texas Toast? It didn't make the list because it's a staple, not a snack.

It's a great example that any food that is huge, will get the Texas seal of approval. I imagine a hungry cowboy on a ranch here once said, "Slice the bread a bit thicker, please."

The snacks on our list are just good, down-home, southern cooking. Most you could make at home with a little patience and your grandmother's secret recipe.

These tastes are as big and as varied as the state is wide. Take a look at the full list that will have your taste buds shouting, "Y'all come get some more!"

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