It was another humid start to school for many is Texas children this year.

Unfulfilled promises of a rain chance this morning just turned us up on the humidity level. Yesterday (Aug 13) was at about 40% and now 90%.

The rain chance has moved until around noon of the day at 90% if you were looking for a worse day to start the school year I don't think you could've found one. Local schools such as Lufkin are starting today.

It's actually kind a hard to figure out when all of the area schools are starting. There are no less than 15 in our region, and they all seem to start up whenever they want... I mean Nacogdoches isn't starting for like 12 days? It seems like a lot of people are out there enjoying all of this hot weather, but when you put the humidity on top of it, it's unbearable.

All this hot weather reminds me of "two-a-days" during football. It's 100° there on the turf so I really wish we had an indoor facility, but man it is super hot. I don't know how anybody can function at a high-level like this.  It seems like the football teams further North this time of year would have a better advantage just like how Spring training for baseball they always go somewhere a little warmer like Florida. It's just easier to work out, but so that's what's going on with the weather today. I hope you have a great time

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