While bow hunting on his land in the Chattahoochee Hills, outside of Atlanta, Georgia, Casey Sanders came upon a naked man wandering near a creek. He has a lot of questions for the man. I mean, what do you ask a naked guy you find in the woods?

The man look disheveled and bewildered, unable to remember how he got there. After some brief back and forth with Sanders, the man vaguely remembered being at the TomorrowWorld Music Festival, which was held four days before in a nearby area. He said he survived on rotten apples and water from the creek. He also said he was beat up and basically left to die by some concertgoers.

Some people were commenting on the video saying Casey was not very nice to the naked guy he found in the Creek, and he had this to say in his defense.

"I know I was confrontational at first, but what you don't see is the hour after that of me getting him to safety. I mean I did save his life and I didn't call the cops. Sorry I wasn't so trusting to random stranger naked in the creek out in the middle of the woods who couldn't differ a dream from reality. I didn't exactly have a script in my head of this is what I will do when I find a naked man in a creek"

I totally get that. What do you ask a naked man in your creek? Well sometimes you just have to go with your gut, and figure he is telling the truth. The moral to the story is: don't do drugs. I can only assume that is what started this journey.