In Lufkin the buzz today is that we are getting some "big city" donuts coming to town again. They will set up right between the two pawn shops on Timberland Drive. They will be driving what looks like a decommissioned ambulance turned portable pop up shop. It's a great concept and people around Lufkin were really into it last time. I saw lines early that morning, and people were not disappointed.

The emergency donut vehicle is easy to spot, it looks like it is covered in chocolate. You can see them tomorrow at 509 North Timberland at A&A Auto Sales at noon. Prices might go up but last time this pictured assorted box of colorful donuts was $16.50 a dozen.There were also huge cinnamon rolls, so large they were filling up a regular dozen donut box.


If you missed it last time, don't miss it this time. They are also bringing their new Strawberry Cheesecake Cinnamon Rolls. They are known for having all types of enormous cinnamon rolls. If fritters are your thing, they are bringing those as well. There are also reports of amazing maple bacon bars.

They come here, because the people here, ask them to. A portion of the sales while they are on road trips goes to charity. This time they will be donating a porition of the proceeds to 1 Serve 365.

Look up Hurts Donuts - Katy Texas on facebook and you can see everything that they have going on. They also are giving away donuts if you find the post about them coming to Lufkin and share it.


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