This is an initiative put together by Impact Lufkin. A Community Clean-Up next Saturday November 17th starts at 8am. The efforts are to clean up the Old Lufkin Country Club or Lufkin Golf Club on 1624 Sayers Street. This property was recently obtained by Impact Lufkin.

Councilman Robert Shankles wants everyone to know that they are welcome; individuals with chain saws, weed eaters, riding mowers, or tractors with bush-hogs are especially needed for the event and paramount to its success. Light breakfast and lunch will be provided to volunteers.

Impact Lufkin recently bought the old Lufkin Golf Course, a 170-acre plot in the middle of North Lufkin. I would assume that this Community Clean Up is the start to a master plan to make this happen. Helping others is a great pathway to feeling better about yourself, while contributing to your community.

Everyone deserves to be able to enjoy nature and the beauty that our part of East Texas has to offer. Each individual has the ability to make a difference, and when people come together to create a community that cares, beautiful things can happen. This is a great start for the new organization and Lufkin/Angelina County Chamber Members. I look forward to seeing the progress in this revitalization project in North Lufkin.

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