If you are looking for an unconventional date night, get ready for live improve comedy from Card 53 Comedy at 'The Pines Lufkin' this Saturday - March 10th, 2021 at 7pm. Get your tickets at the Pines Theater website. tickets@www.card53.com

Card 53 Comedy is returning to Lufkin to perform more comedy "makem ups." These guys have their own particular brand of comedy that keeps the audience engaged and laughing throughout the entire event.

I don't think sitting in the very back of the venue will guarantee your safety from these guys. They tend to pull folks on stage for their games. I wonder if they will continue that tradition, while social distancing.

They have a lot of upcoming shows around East Texas. There will be two more shows in Lufkin at the Pines between now and May 22nd. Luckily it's improv, so no two shows are ever alike. You never know what will happen, or who it will happen to. This is a great way to support local comedy, and The Pines Lufkin.

Card 53 Comedy
Card 53 Comedy

Card 53 Comedy even teaches improv. If you want to learn how to do what they do, they have done classes in the past. It could increase your social skills, become a better public speaker or a better social media influencer.

The classes consisted of a 2 hour class, once a week, for six weeks. They only charged $200 a class plus threw in some free pizza. Like them on facebook, and once they get another group of students together, they might do another.

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