During the Lufkin All Stars' third World Series match, a familiar face popped up to cheer them on.

Last night (August 23) during what was the most interesting little league baseball game of all time, there was a super hero in the audience.  The camera was focused on Hunter Ditsworths' little brother. After almost every pitch, he was pulling karate moves, and loving every strike out.

Then rising from the distance, like a science experiment gone awry, a muscled green literal hulk of a man stood up after the play. Muscles bulging, and green skin lumbering across the isles. I was amazed and had to go get a few screen shots of the guy. The paint was perfect, and if he is from East Texas, he wasn't even sweating the Williamsport 90 degree heat.


I was glad to share some of the pictures on social media. People were very thankful, because they saw the same thing, and no one believed them.

Does anyone know this person?  I can plainly see their face, though it is obscured by green paint. If you know, comment below. I don't mean to blow his secret identity, but I am just curious.  I know the kids were amazed to have one of the Avengers in the stands pulling for them.

Also, if Thor can summon lightning, why wasn't he there to root for the 'Thundering 13'?