Do you have to be the first to get an iPhone X? Well tonight is the night. 

A few months ago I was really stoked on the iPhone X. Or the ten, as it's called, but when you write it down, everyone uses the roman numerals. My iPhone 6 is really on it's last leg. Not staying charged, not running fast enough, and at 16g, not enough storage. I am making critical decisions about what apps to get. I was prepared to wait it out. Limp by with my old phone. Lots of people are doing the same thing right now. If you are in that number, and want that shiny new iPhone X on November 3rd, forget the world series. This is real game time.

There are lots of tips and tricks to get the new phone, to win the refresh wars. But the one tip that I will give you is, do your homework. Have your IOS devise on the site at 2am Central time, and get ready to go. It won't load immediately, it might just crash completely.

Will there be a phone left for me? I'm chatting with ATT and like all of the local reps, they aren't really buying into the hype. Everything is just hunky dory. Just go on the site and pre-order the phone, all will be well. Even going so far in chat on the site today saying quote "I am sure AT&T will have enough for all of their customers."  I really can't believe that. But if it's true, I will never believe the hype again. If you don't get it they will start really churning them out next year.


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