If you were to ask my where I went most recently to buy clothes in Lufkin, I would have to say JC Penny in the Lufkin Mall. They have the sizes and brands that I am drawn to, and I wear a lot of stuff from there. Recently due to Covid-19 our local Lufkin location has been closed.

As a company JC Penny wasn't doing very well to be honest. Way before the lock-down there were rumors that the Plano, Texas based retailer wasn't operating in the black. Now the retailer with over 800 stores nationwide has declared bankruptcy, and that leaves in question the future of many employees.

Just like Sears before it this is an anchor store for many malls across the state of Texas and the nation. The one big store that draws in people the the reason that the other stores wanted to be in the mall. If an anchor store closes in a mall, there are actually clauses that will change the rent of all the other stores.

Now the Lufkin Mall has no anchors, but they do have a weight in the middle. Boot Barn and TJ Maxx are both open now at the Lufkin Mall. The stores that aren't open right now, you might think are doing so out of an abundance of caution for their employees and because of the virus.

Dan Patrick TSM Lufkin
Dan Patrick TSM Lufkin

I think most of the stores that are saying they are still temporally closed, might be closed for good. Other stores that sold the Is JC Penny In Lufkin Mall Closed For Good? of items were ready to open in some capacity as soon as the quarantine was lifted.


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