Maybe it's because I'm getting married in September, or maybe it's because I like Bruno Mars' fun song 'Marry You', or maybe it's because this idea is totally original and super cute...but when you watch this video, you can't help but get tears in your eyes!

Isaac Lamb, the groom, was able to convince cover 60 family members and friends to pitch in and help act out the song and lip-sync the lyrics as his girlfriend, Amy Frankel, watched from a moving car! How creative is that?

She laughed the entire time, wiped away tears, and of course, answered 'Yes!' when he asked if she would marry him.Now, they've become a viral sensation, and this lucky girl will have always have the video to remind her of one of the greatest days of her life!

We wish them all the best! Take a look at the cutest proposal video, ever: