Subway is touring its new concept around the country and giving sub sandwich seekers a chance to eat 1,000 feet off the ground.

According to CNBC, the restaurant chain has announced plans for Subway in the Sky.

What Is Subway in the Sky?

CNBC says the vessel is a blimp that "can carry up to seven passengers at a time and will hover at an attitude of 1,000 feet."

The 180-foot-long flying Subway is decorated with images of meats and cheeses on its outside making it look like a sandwich that is halfway out of its paper wrapper.

Subway press photo
Subway press photo

A press release touts Subway in the Sky as "a new dining experience onboard a blimp and a thrilling capstone to its latest Eat Fresh Refresh launch."

Subway in the Sky is scheduled to take flight over:

  • Kansas City, Missouri on Sept. 5-7
  • Orlando on Sept. 19-20
  • The Miami area on Sept. 24 and 26.

How Can People Fly On Subway in the Sky?

Flights aboard the Subway in the Sky are free, but interested passengers will need to register online prior to boarding.

The flights are limited to up to 40 people each day who will also receive samples of Subway's new Deli Hero sub sandwiches aboard the aircraft.

Subway's blimp flights is keeping the company's name in the headlines. Earlier this week, Subway announced its sale to private equity firm Roark Capital.

CNN reported that Roark Capital has invested in several restaurant chains including Arby's Buffalo Wild Wings, Sonic and even sandwich competitor JImmy John's,

According to CNN, the Subway brand "has turned itself around in recent years with a revamped menu featuring freshly sliced meat."

Your move, Blimpie.

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