Imagine if you are hanging out on the beach in Sabine Pass, Texas and you suddenly realize you are not alone as you glance over to find an alligator chomping on a large bull redfish.

According to WAFB, this scenario actually happened, and the person who spotted the situation was able to get a great video of the alligator snacking on his fish.

I mean, when you're hungry, you eat and so it was the same for this big guy.

The man who took this video is Hunter Ham, and he says he has fished in the area many times before, but on this particular day, it was the first time his wife and three children were along for the trip. They were safely locked in his truck at the time he caught the video!

The video below shows just how fun and delicious that fish must have been for the alligator.

Sea Rim State Park is in Sabine Pass, Texas. The man along with his wife and three children were driving around the beach when they saw what was happening. Ham jumped out of his truck and got as close as was safely possible to gather the video.

Ham told KHOU in Houston, Texas,

This chill dude had no fears. First time ever seeing a gator on the beach.

Why Would an Alligator Want to Venture Over to the Beach?

In addition to the various obvious point that the alligator was hungry Texas Park and Wildlife officials say there is another reason.

Officials say alligators will often find saltwater in order to help rid themselves of parasites they have picked up living in freshwater.

Ham says he has been fishing the area around the Louisiana-Texas border for about 30 years, and he estimates the alligator had about a 28-inch fish in his mouth

Ham and his family's encounter with the monster alligator happened on Saturday, March 23 at the state park.

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