So it turns out that The Fall Off, the album title J. Cole alluded to in his new song "1985 - (Intro to 'The Fall Off')," was actually in the works before KOD. That's just one of the many revelations Cole made during an impromptu Q&A session with fans on Twitter today (April 26).

During a period of time that lasted from 5 p.m. to a little after 8 p.m. EST, Cole let loose a ton of answers and new info about his record-breaking KOD album. Answering a fan's question about when, exactly, he knew what the title of his new album was going to be, Cole offered up a really interesting answer.

"While in Zanzibar workin' on one of the songs, maybe window pain, I asked myself what is the name of this album that I just fucked around and made," Cole began in one of his many revealing tweets. "KOD came immediately. 'What the fuck do that mean?' I asked. the 3 meanings followed in seconds. In tune."

Answering another fan's question, Cole explained why he relegated his KOD track, "Once an Addict," to interlude status. Apparently, there was originally much more to the song. "[The] full version was too long, it slowed the album down too much," Cole wrote. "Interlude version still said what I needed to say."

Inquiring minds also wanted to know if the rapper was a "KOD" himself. For those uninformed, the LP's title has three meanings: King Overdosed, Kids on Drugs and Kill Our Demons.

"out of all questions I must ask as a real one. Have you ever been a “KOD”. And are you still??????????" a fan asked. "Yes and yes. Still got holes I need to fill. Trying my best to choose wisely," Cole tweeted in response.

Cole also provided answers to other questions outside of KOD. "if u could do a collab album with any artist in any genre of music dead or alive who would it Be?" a Cole supporter asked, to which the MC replied, "Pac no question. & Dre 3000."

Check out some of Cole's most interesting responses to his fans' questions about his KOD album in the gallery below.

See J. Cole Answer Questions From Fans During Impromptu Twitter Q&A

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