As parents, pretty much all of us have been there at the pool and our kid doesn't want to get out to go to the bathroom and they end up peeing in the pool! Except something else happened with J-Si's son when he had to go to the bathroom while in the pool once when he was two!

J-Si's wife took the kids to a neighborhood pool and splash pad for a little swim with some other kids and everything seemed to be going great until, little Cason walks up to Kinsey and tells her that he did number two in the pool! Needless to say, they had to shut the pool down and Kinsey left feeling really embarassed. Flash forward a few more years and this past weekend J-Si decided to take the kids to the water park and took his son on an enclosed water slide and then he has second thoughts about sending his kid down after him. Thankfully though there was no poo, but there was some nudity though!

Listen to Cason describe the water slide in the best of audio clip below!

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