Because approximately ten minutes have gone by since the last story about a Joker spinoff property, it’s time for a new story about a Joker spinoff property!

We hit Peak Joker last night, when The Hollywood Reporter ran an item that Warner Bros. had added yet another Joker-centric property to a roster that already includes a Suicide Squad sequel and a deeply baffling plan for an origin story movie from Todd Phillips and, obviously, Martin Scorsese. While the world was still doing the whole “rub your eyes in cartoonish disbelief” routine, Warner Bros. blitzed us all with the news that the creative team behind Crazy Stupid Love and This Is Us would mount a spinoff pairing the Clown Prince of Crime with his darling Harley Quinn for what they’ve described as a “criminal love story.”

Glenn Ficarra and John Requa will bring their sentimental touch to a tale of lovers on the run that the THR item quotes an insider describing as “When Harry Met Sally on dexedrine.” What that might mean is anyone’s guess — Harley and her Puddin’ concede to a deep attraction after ten years of Platonic friendship, and also their ADHD is in check? But what’s for sure is that Jared Leto and Margot Robbie would reprise their roles as the facepainted villains for this new film, and that this would fit into the same diegetic universe as Suicide Squad and the Batfleck films.

Does the world need more of Jared Leto’s “Hot Topic spokesfreak” Joker? That’s a personal question that we’ll each have to individually answer following much introspection. But we can all take some solace in the fact that whatever this ends up being, it’ll certainly be a departure from DC’s business as usual. And that’s cause for interest.

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