Looking to win some cash? Your chance starts on Monday. You never know when some cash will come in handy. We have your chance to win starting on Monday with the K-Fox Cash Code. This years contest is powered by K&B Moonwalk in Lufkin. Now with 24 hour online reservations at kandbmoonwalk.com.

Listen weekdays for 3 weeks starting Monday through October 6th. The codes will be announced at 10:25am with Karah Leigh then at  2:25pm and 5:25pm during my shows (Dan Patrick). When you hear the code words for that day, just type them in here at kfox95.com or you can use the kfox app to play.

The codes will just be everyday words, but they will make you money. If you enter the correct code, and are the winner, we will call you and surprise you with the amount that you have won. From $100 to $5,000 dollars. One grand prize winner will take home a guaranteed $5,000, so make sure and play the codes every day for your chance to win. The more codes you enter while we are playing the better chances will be.

Start making your list now of all the things you are going to buy when you win the K-Fox Cash Code.




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