After having his career nearly derailed by a series of prison sentences, Kevin Gates is going to try to prevent teens from doing the same—just as soon as he gets out of prison this Wednesday (Jan. 10).

Speaking with TMZ, Gates' lawyer Herschel Rush insists that his client will devote "considerable time and resources" to talking to at-risk teens in an attempt to dissuade or flat-out prevent them from making the mistakes he's made in the past. He plans to reach out to various organizations to make his impact, with one of them being the Boys & Girls Club. Sounds legit.

If you've followed the saga of Kevin Gates, you know it's one marred by controversy. Last fall, he was sentenced to six-months in jail for kicking a woman in the chest at one of his concerts. Just as he was about to be released last March, he was arrested for felony gun possession. A short while later, he began serving a 30-month sentence for that charge, and it didn't look like he'd be up for parole until at least a year and some change later.

Last week, we reported that Gates was, in fact, getting out of prison a good bit earlier than anyone expected, with his release date set to arrive this Wednesday. Now, Gates can get back to his blooming rap career, which last saw his Islah album going platinum—with no features. And we can also expect him to give back, too.

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