If you go Krogering in Nacogdoches or most local supermarkets, you won't have to ask them to keep the change. The federal reserve bank, just like everyone else has slowed down production due to the Covid. They can't keep up with the demand for new coins.

To make things simple, you could just use a debit card. I remember the last time I used paper money. It was anywhere they charge a fee for running a credit card. There are convenience stores, and even some local tax offices that charge a convenience fee to customers that use debit or credit cards to pay. I refuse to give up that percentage of my money for convenience. Just hide it in the purchase price like everyone else.

Kroger is giving people two options. One is to place that change on your Kroger card to use for future purchases, the other is to donate the money to their charity. Both of those options put up walls between you and your money.  It means you will end up having to go to Kroger again at some point to use that change on the card.

One option that they failed to mention is to just use exact change. It's not hard to gather coins that you already have to make exact change. You will only need 3 quarters, one dime, 2 nickles, and 4 pennies. That will get you out of any financial paper money jam, and means you won't need their change.

That change will immediately be useless after your first transaction. Still if you use cash only this would be a great way to be prepared, and keep your change liquid. Don't think we are letting dimes get in the way of dollars here, every little bit adds up over time.

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