It was another great week for viral videos that raced their way around the web.

We've saw children dancing, children being scared, crazy trick shots, some wild weather, a plane crashing into another plane, celebrities being funny and a movie super-cut.

Oh, and 'Star Wars.' It wouldn't be a normal week on the Internet if new 'Star Wars'-related videos didn't go viral, would it?

What were some of your favorite viral videos this week?

Take a look at some of our favorites of the week after the jump. I would have to say that the one that makes me laugh every time I play it is the little kid who sings Waka Flocka's "Grove St. Party" when he wakes up from a nap.

Sariah Gallego Joins the Dark Side ('Star Wars')

A little girl decides to turn her back on her Jedi trainers and join the Dark Side.

2-year-old wakes up to waka flocka

This 2-year-old wakes up to sing and dance.

Trick Shot Doc

A doctor performs some amazing trick shots. Or does he?

Tornado Randomly Appears During Soccer Game

It's a soccer game one minute and a raging tornado the next.

Walk the dinosaur

A real-looking T-Rex invades an elementary school and scares the you-know-what out of its students.

The Cast Of 'Doctor Who' Reads Celebrity Tweets In American Accents

When people from the UK try to speak in an American accent, it's funny.

President of Czech Republic steals pen

At least wait until no one is looking to steal the pen. C'mon.

Movie phone hang-ups

In movies, no one really says "goodbye" when they hang up the phone. Observe:

Two Planes Collide on Ground at JFK

A larger plane knocked into a smaller plan on the runway at JFK. As if we needed another reason to be afraid of flying.

Admiral Ackbar - Penetrate it!

Very cool behind-the-scenes footage of Ackbar rehearsing his lines. No, this is not a trap.