Lil Xan has canceled several shows across Texas and throughout the midwest for a reason no one saw coming. According to a report TMZ published earlier this evening (Oct. 31), the rapper is taking a break from performing in order to recharge after the long hours he's spent recording Be Safe, which is a tribute album dedicated to his friend, the late Mac Miller. Miller died of an apparent drug overdose this past September.

According to the site, the "Betrayed" artist, who's spoken on his battles with mental illness at various points this year, has canceled these upcoming shows because he doesn't want to put on "half-ass" shows for fans who come to see him perform. Because of his lengthy studio sessions, Xan has decided to rest up before taking the stage once again on Nov. 6.

The celebrity news site says Xan titled his album after the last words spoke to him when they met up for the last time.

This report arrives days after Xan unloaded his new $teve Cannon-assisted track, "Worst Day Ever," which is a new track that uses an image of Mac Miller for its cover. Before that, Xan had been making Instagram posts about his forthcoming album dedicated to the late Pittsburgh artist. At the time he said the LP had been completed.

"AND ALSO BE SAFE IS FINALLY COMPLETED,I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE HAPPY AND FELT THIS GOOD ABOUT AN LP  DEC 3RD," he captioned the post, which included a painting with the likeness of the lower half of Mac Miller's face. It looks like that's the Be Safe album cover.

Listen to "Worst Day Ever" for yourself below.

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