Last Friday, Media Takeout reported that fans began speculating that Lil Xan molested one of his fans. Now, Xan has stepped forth to shoot down the claims.

On Sunday (Aug. 18), the rapper, who sparked some controversy when he pulled a gun on a man who harassed him at a gas station back in June, used his Instagram account to put down the claims, which stem from a photo of him touching a young woman's butt as he hugged her.

"Are you guys fucking serious?," the "Betrayed" rapper says in the video. "You think that's a fan. That's a girl I'm talking to. I ain't molesting guys just wanna do anything to try to hurt my fucking career."

In addition to the video he uploaded, Xan used his IG caption to introduce fans to the woman he's apparently been talking to. "The girl is @dani_toorish a girl I’m talking to you dummys lol,y’all just wanna see me fall,also I look so funny in this thumbnail," Xan wrote in the caption.

For her part, Toorish also denied the rumors in an Instagram video."[Stop] making dumb rumors about Diego that are so false," she wrote in the caption. "He’s an amazing guy and if you saw the video you can clearly tell that we are hugging."

See Toorish's video for yourself below.

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