Logic's personal renaissance continues. On Tuesday (Oct. 10), just a little less than four months after officially announcing his own record label, Logic has revealed his plans to write a novel. He used his Twitter account to make his plans known.

"I'm writing a Novel. Been working on it for a while I'm excited to share it with you when it's done!" wrote the rap game's Larry David, who also recently revealed some of the astonishing progress he's made playing the piano.

This revelation comes just a couple weeks after Logic broke down midway through a show of his. In a stream of tweets after the show, Logic let fans know exactly what went down, while stressing the need for a better work-life balance.

"Tonight mid way thru my set I broke down," he started. "I walked off stage and felt like I was gonna pass out because I work so hard...I contemplated ending the show. But I didn't. I walked back out there and I told the crowd exactly how I felt. And I persisted.

"I'm constantly thinking about others but I need to think about myself," he added. "I'm super blessed but I'm working so much im not enjoying my work. So I must continue to balance myself! I love you guys and IM TOTALLY OKAY! It was a positive stress relief in its purest form thru music."

Logic's good to go now, and based on his announcement, he's ready to continue creating. Salute.

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