We've talked about trick-or-treating looking different this year, due to COVID-19 restrictions. Lots of people aren't really looking forward to it, because of the lack of social distancing, and the uncertainty of the whole situation. However, one of our local sheriff's departments is giving people the chance to go trick-or-treating, while maintaining safe social distance.

The Polk County Sheriff's Office will be holding a drive-thru trunk-or-treat on Friday, October 30th, from 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM. This will take place at the sheriff's office at 1733 N. Washington Avenue in Livingston. Like I mentioned, they will be observing safe social distancing, and participants must remain in the vehicle.

No, this isn't the same as events that have been held in the past. We can thank the pandemic for that...But, it still gives kids somewhat of a normal Halloween experience. It's still pretty awesome that the sheriff's office is doing this for the kids of Polk County.

This is just another example of 2020 doing what 2020 has done all year - throwing a wrench into plans and activities. But - and I hope this is true - it can't last forever. Hopefully next year, we can go back to normal - WITHOUT all of these new changes and protocols. Until then, we'll just have to keep making the best of the situation. And this event in Livingston is one way to do just that!

So, get your kids dressed up on Friday afternoon, and make your way to the Polk County Sheriff's Office for the trunk-or-treat!

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