This week is all about a tropical heat waves flooding into East Texas. With most all of our East Texas Schools back in class, our unpredictable rainy weather continues to plague our walks home from school and work. One thing about tropical weather that is comforting, it's reliably unpredictable. So this week putting a small plastic parka in your kids back pack, might not be a bad idea. It's good to have options, especially if they are walkers.

Today's high will reach up to around 97, and a low of 76 late overnight. We are continuing with the 20% chance of rain today. The chance of rain tomorrow is up to around 30%, and if you do get rain, it is a drenching rain, sometimes lasting an hour. We had a bit of an unseasonable cool down this time last month. That really makes these temperatures now seem especially hot.

Bigger cities with large expanses of concrete are way hotter than we are here. Even if they are further north. While we are around 95-97, Dallas has been over 100 for a high at the same times. The only thing that they are missing is the humidity. Don't let the thermometer fool you about how hot it is outside. This week specifically we need to take precautions outside and stay hydrated, and if possible stay out of direct sunlight taking advantage of hats or shade.

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