Yep, even in Texas, LSU fans flourish. We just have to keep a low profile! With that being said, I love Barbies. I have a Barbie collection... Literally hundreds of perfectly formed, fashionable dolls, pristine in their boxes, stored in airtight bins, just in case I ever have a daughter of my own to play with them. I guess that's not happening, so one day they'll end up on eBay, but this is one Barbie I'm going to have to add to my collection... LSU BARBIE! She's a part of their 2012 Collection of University Barbie and she was designed by Linda Kyaw. LSU Barbie was released last month and can be yours for just $24.95. And yes, I've already ordered mine:) One thing I noted, the dolls they seem to be offering this year are from the SEC... That can't be a mistake! Barbie is a trademark of Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved by Mattel.