LSU Vs. 'Bama - Get Ready!
This post/video is specifically for my dear friend Donovan Short. He's a 'Bama man. I'm married to a Tiger man, which makes me a Tiger momma!
LSU Barbie? Believe It! Geaux Mattel!
Yep, even in Texas, LSU fans flourish. We just have to keep a low profile! With that being said, I love Barbies. I have a Barbie collection... Literally hundreds of perfectly formed, fashionable dolls, pristine in their boxes, stored in airtight bins, just in case I ever have a daughter of my own to…
High Flying Cheerleader Cam Makes Me Dizzy [VIDEO]
I have quite a few friends that are big LSU fans, but all I really know about the team is that they wear purple and yellow.  I have seen routines like this by SFA cheerleaders in person, and they are pretty dramatic.  Now this video takes a step up from that and gives you a never before se…