Remember back when we didn't have a Chipolte? The year was 2015, and it was a dark day indeed. Now it seems like we are heading back to those dark times. We just got Arby's back, and now we are losing Chipotle. What next? As much as everyone here was so excited about them opening up, it is very strange that they are closing.

When you open up in that area, and don't get involved in the community, things like that will happen. You will only get a lunch business around here, so you have to advertise locally, and have a few specials. Others have speculated that Moe's and Skyline Burrito Bowl might have something to do with it failing. I think that they are spread out enough that it wouldn't have been an issue.

Back before it opened, I went to another Chipolte and made everyone at the office think ours was completed and open in Lufkin. They went so far as to actually go up to the building, even though it wasn't open yet.

Then this one time when we went to the Lufkin Chipotle and accidentally parked in the burrito loading zone. Click Here to read all about it.

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