Okay, it was Chilpotle law, does that count?

Okay so I was at Chilpotle and I parked my truck. It's kinda huge and obnoxious to park it in parking spaces. Once I was done, I noticed that I had parked in a "special" spot. This was not a handicap parking space, nor was it close to the door. It was a to go customer space. Burrito Loading Zone it said in big letters. I wasn't even going in to get a burrito, so I knew I was in the wrong. But re-parking was not an option, cause I'm super lazy, so I stayed there, thinking it doesn't take 15 min to go in and get a bowl and eat it. What was the worst thing that was going to happen? Then I started envisioning the Chipotle police, towing my truck. But I shook that off and went inside.

The other part of the sign also said something that got me a little interested. It said I could order my food online, with my phone, or Fax and order in. Fax it. I don't think we have a fax machine anymore. One of our printers scans and sends faxes...sort of. So I am really thinking hard next time I go. I mean it only took me 5 min to get through the line. But perhaps I need to get their fax number. Stay tuned for more lame observations and the fax number.

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