I am always scouting around for a new place to eat. They just keep popping up!

Okay so this place is apparently a hot ticket, that I didn't get an invite to till it was already common knowledge. Mr.Rays Food Court is just some great old down home buffet style eating. I get there, and I see like 3 people I know. I am like, wow, didn't feel like sharing?

My saltiness soon turned to enjoyment, I really enjoyed everything they had. The salad bar was perfect, even had real bacon for the bacon bits. I tried all of the vegetables, and my favorite was the way they made the sweet potatoes, cabbage, and greens. Skip the carrots, corn and green peas, as they seemed to just come out of the can. Cornbread was so sweet it was like cake. Their grilled whole chicken was good, and so was the chicken fried steak. After the salad, and the main course, there were almost 10 different kinds of pies, and ice cream.

Prices at a buffet were not bad either just 8.99 for all you can eat buffet Monday-Thursday and 9.99 on Friday. They are open from 10-3 Monday through Friday only, Mr.Rays Food Court is right behind the Spud in the Vendor Mall off Frank St.

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