I have been following the evolution of Neil Warren's craft on social media since 2018. In the past few years it has excelled to the point that it could no longer be contained by the Pine Curtain of Deep East Texas.

Warren will be featured on 'Forged In Fire' on June 9th at 8pm CST on the History Channel. This will be the first episode back from their Season 8 break.

Warren makes knives at his home forge that anyone would be proud to own. If you see MK on a knife, that means he made it, and it stands for Maximus Knives.

When his son was diagnosed with special needs, Neil Warren was driven to create a legacy for him. He named the blacksmithing shop using his sons middle name. Having the shop with his sons name on it, makes the projects take on a special meaning for him. 

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Building a legacy in his sons name, that can live on in others households, is something  Warren holds dear. Getting lots of help from friends and family along the way, he now takes pride in making knives that people can pass down through generations.

"It's the memories of going hunting, or creating a meal using one of my hand made blades that means so much. It's bigger than just making a sharp object. There is a life in a hand made product that can live on for a very long time."

We are behind you 100% here, and no matter the outcome of this televised competition, you are a great example for your son, and a great representative of the best of Lufkin and Deep East Texas.

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