If you normally walk the Azalea trail in Lufkin you will find that it is closed. The Azalea Trail will be undergoing maintenance for the fall and upcoming winter.

The Azalea Trail goes from Grace Dunne Richardson Park at 200 Mott Drive to Kiwanis Park on Timberland Drive across from McDonald's. This maintenance will hopefully be a continuation of actions implemented to keep the park safe.

While they clean and improve the Azalea Trail runners and walkers are encouraged to try out some of the other parks in the area that are great for walking and hiking.

Jones Park - Walking Trail

Kiwanis Park - Inner Loop Walking Trail

Herty Park - Walking Trail

Kit McConnico - Hiking Trail

Fall Sweep Project 

Lufkin Parks and Recreation is having a Fall Sweep Event on November 13th, 2021 from 9 am - 12 pm. They have gotten together with Angelina Beautiful/Clean to make it all happen.

This is a more DIY version of what is going on with the Azalea Trail this week. Residents are encouraged to get their civic organizations together to participate.


Click on the button above to join in and help as they paint, build and clean up in 3 of our 16 parks in Lufkin.

City Of LUfkin
City Of LUfkin

More Fall Sweep Details 

If you sign up for the event come prepared to be outdoors and dress accordingly. You can bring your own gloves, reflective vests, and any protective gear you might need.

A light breakfast will be provided by the event organizers. They will also supply all of the project supplies that you might need.

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