There are 3 Splash Pads in Lufkin. Chambers, Kiwanis, and Jones Parks all have facilities to cool off. Kids flock to these little oasis of fun in our area daily. With temps getting into the 90's these are the times that they are most used.

Covid concerns still on the mind you should still follow as many of the State Health Department guidelines to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus.

The Splash Pads are all supplied by fresh clean water from the City of Lufkin. They do not recycle water, and it drains right off. It's just like taking a shower at home, but outside to cool off a bit. You could even take your own soap and wash your hands, I suppose.

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You could stay socially distant, and keep at least 6ft away from anyone that is not in your group. I would not recommend the wearing of any cloth facial coverings by your children while they are playing in the water. That could lead to other issues, it would basically be waterboarding.

Governor Gregg Abbot just lifted restrictions on Wednesday that would pertain to our these splash pads. I can't keep up with what phase we are at, but the spread of Covid-19 has been slowed by our reactions and remaining at home as much as possible. This is one of our rewards for doing a pretty good job of keeping the disease manageable.

Anyone over the age of 65 could be at a higher risk than most people. They really should try to avoid public places until there is a cure or a inoculation. There are always exceptions though, like groceries and voting soon!

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