A Lufkin landmark, Fullers Buffet, has sustained quite a bit of damage due to a fire this afternoon. On the scene, the Lufkin Fire Department's preliminary investigation concluded that it started in the attic area.
I have loved Fullers and eaten there for many years. Millege Norton, one of our sales people at the station, used to take me there all the time: fried chicken, fried steak, and all the trimmings. I had just eaten there as recently as a month ago with our General Manager Johnny Lathrop. It is just one of those places where you just have to take people that are new to the area and let them experience.

No one was at the restaurant during the start of fire, but owners and employees showed up quickly, as they had left just left the building just 30 minutes prior. The fate of the restaurant is not known at this time. The last restaurant that burned in town, Ray's West, was never opened back up, though they do have another location on Timberland.

I for one hope that this is not the case with Fullers, as this was the only restaurant within walking distance of my work that wasn't fast food.