If you are looking for your local Sprint store in Lufkin, it has moved. We needed to stop by for a quick second, and had to search for a little bit.

Formally located on the Loop in Lufkin at 4100 S Medford Dr Ste 204. The Sprint Corporate store is now next to Newk's, right in front of Academy in Lufkin off of HWY 59N as you come into town from Houston.  The store looks really fresh and modern inside. New wood floors, and all the devices are set into gleaming white displays. I suppose we weren't allowed to take pictures of the inside, but anyone can walk right in, and check out the new place. iPads to cases, they got lots of things for the person not accustomed to waiting!

There are so many new store locations, new restaurants, things in Lufkin are constantly changing. It's interesting how much things have changed in such a short time. I mean we could go online and get virtually any phone, from any carrier these days without ever even going up to the store. But there is just something smooth and easy about talking to an informed local employee. I have always had a great customer service experience at our local Sprint Corporate stores. Good to see them still around and making improvements all the time.

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