News travels fast in Lufkin, and when there's a new restaurant coming to town, everyone gets hungry. If you are a fan of Fuzzy's Tacos, now you won't have to drive all the way to Nacogdoches to get your fix. I have it from a very good source, aka - everyone in town on facebook, that they will be in the Medford Plaza, where Another Broken Egg resided.

There is always a balance to Tex-Mex life in Lufkin. Chipotle announced they are going to close, and then we get a Fuzzy's Taco Shop. It is good to have choices. People come to Lufkin from small towns all around the area to eat. Other restaurant guests are passing though town, on what will one day be Interstate 69.

All of these hungry people expect these multiple options. For us locals, it just creates more indecision. Fuzzy's Taco Shop started in Fort Worth, from humble beginnings. Now they have over 100 locations all across the country. They can put a pin in Lufkin for now, hopefully they will stay awhile. I am just glad all those Baja tacos, Chips & Guac, and frozen margaritas are now within reach. This is going to be a fun quirky place, check out this recent tweet.

Dan Patrick
Dan Patrick







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