In what just seems like a few days, Lufkin’s busiest McDonalds is back in operation on Timberland Dr.

It’s nothing short of amazing to see how fast you can get a fresh new McDonalds. The site was reduced to nothing but dirt only days ago. Now that 2018 is here, this could possibly be, the newest McDonalds on the planet. State of the art is an understatement, everything is sleek, user friendly, and all new.

Trucks can still be seen putting the final touches on the outside, but from my point of view it’s done. I am sure they will have a grand opening, but for now this soft opening is already bringing in customers. There are 3 drive through windows on the left side, and the order boards seem to suggest that they could be able to take 3 orders at once. That will speed things up, and keep traffic flowing, possibly breaking records for the fastest order times ever.

Kids will enjoy the all new play place, it seemed to be a hit with the kids that were already playing inside while I was there. So if you would like to check out the McDonalds, before everyone else discovers it’s open, stop in soon. I’m sure it will be in and out in no time.

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