Two weeks after dropping "Glorious" and announcing a new album without Ryan Lewis—the man behind his "Thrift Shop" instrumental—, Macklemore takes the stage on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Joining him was Skylar Grey as the two both performed "Glorious" on live TV for the first time. Check out the dope performance for yourself below.

For the set, Grey handles the piano duties as she provides the soundscape for the soulful and triumphant new anthem. Joining Grey and Macklemore onstage are background singers marching to the rhythm of the live instrumentation.

With glowing golden lights beneath their feet and the sounds of piano and trumpets ringing through the air, this live performance feels more like you're watching the gateways to heaven opening up instead of a late night talk show.

"So when I leave here on this earth, did I take more than I gave?/Did I look out for the people or did I do it all for fame?/Legend it's exodus searching for euphoria/Trudging through the mud to find the present, no ignoring us," the West Coast MC spits during the show.

With showings like this one, it's clear Macklemore's in top form ahead of his newest project, which doesn't appear to have a release date yet. We can't wait to hear what else he's got to offer.

For now, check out the stunning live performance, which earned a standing ovation from Fallon's audience, for yourself just below. Cop "Glorious" here.

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