We have a KFox 955 Streetcast on Wednesday and we are pulling out all the stops. I will be at Al Meyer Ford on the Loop in Lufkin from 11-2pm and Sean will be there with the Grill. We will be offering the chance for you to drive through, and get one of those amazing Massingill's Meat Market hamburgers kissed with Daddy's Seasonings ready to go.

Of course we will have our masks on, and be socially distanced, but that shouldn't stop you from driving in for a delicious burger. The reason we are going to be there, is actually a mystery to me. So I've come up with a few ideas of my own about what it will be.

Al Meyer Ford Announcement

All I know is the new owners at our Ford Dealership, (Carl Crain is now the President/Owner) will be revealing something while we are there. It could be none of these things I've suggested, but if it is, I will be ecstatic.

There are many new and exciting vehicles coming out next year. I would take a 2021 Ford Fusion at this point. Really anything new will do. I was just hoping it had 4 tires and an engine. It could have 6 tires, and an electric engine, I am not picky.

Stop by while I am there and show me the app, and we will throw in a K-Fox 955 shirt and a bottle opener.




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