This thief thought he'd be smart and steal some presents. Guess the joke is on him.

They're called porch pirates. They lurk around neighborhoods looking for presents that have been delivered to houses and steal them. It's particularly common during the holiday season. Well, it had happened one too many times to a neighborhood in Las Vegas and one man decided to do something about it.

Eric Bardo filled a box with dog poop and addressed it.

The plan worked like a dream as the crooks came to get it four days later. Bardo caught the entire thing on his security camera. Instead of calling the police, he chose to embarrass the thieves on social media.

“I didn’t want to call them and say, ‘Somebody stole a box of poop off of my front porch.”

That certainly would have made for an interesting 911 call. Bardo said he hopes the thieves have learned their lesson.

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