Walmart and Sam's start to enforce their mask regulations at all their North American stores on Monday. Today you can add a few more retailers to that list. There are now other local East Texas chain stores that have followed suit. Target, Walgreens, and CVS will all be requiring masks soon.

If you were looking for places to go that don't require you to wear a mask, the list is shortening. The same as Walmart, all three of them will be instituting this at all of their stores nation wide. Target will start enforcing their mask mandate on Saturday, August 1st, 2020. Walgreens and CVS will start on Monday, same as Walmart.

Even though there is a Texas statewide mask order, it takes the businesses to enforce it to give it actual meaning. Walmart has their health ambassadors wearing black polo shirts starting Monday greeting you on the way in. CVS is clearer in that that they will not be asking their employees to enforce the mask mandate.

Walgreens also has no clear plan for enforcement, but all three will be putting up signs to remind shoppers to put their masks on. In Texas this shouldn't really be an issue, because there is a mask mandate from the state. In other states, where they don't have a mask order, it might come under some opposition.

All of these stores want to make money. If the majority of shoppers want everyone in the store to wear a mask, then that is what the store is going to try to make happen. If we don't comply, these rules will continue to get stricter.

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