Boaters, swimmers, and campers have complained numerous times about a huge alligator in Lake Sam Rayburn. It apparently habituated in an area that was filled with people enjoying the lake, so eventually it just started ignoring them and coming right up to the boats and swimming too close to children.

The Texas Game Wardens can handle a lot, but an animal this size is not something they wanted to tangle with. They called in a professional company, Gator Country Preserve. They have a 15 acre park set aside just for nuisance gators, off I-10 in Beaumont. They have some of the largest, longest, and oldest alligators in the nation.

Gator Country has even been showcased on Gator 911, CMT, and A&E. When they show up to handle the situation, it is in good hands. Gary Saurage, Shannon Williamson, and intern Donnie made their way to Sam Rayburn on Tuesday May 26th, 2020.

After hours on the lake and more than a few broken fishing rods, the animal was located and taken onto land. It took all they had to get this huge beast up to shore.

The video is a wild ride and is really cool seeing great people like this coming to Deep East Texas to help us with our huge wildlife. While it may look like they were hurting the alligator, they are not. Many times if they do not find the alligators, they end up getting shot by locals.

Gary and the crew named him Sam, after the largest man made reservoir in the county - Lake Sam Rayburn. This American alligator will live out his days on their preserve and that could be a long time as crocodiles do not age...they just get bigger.

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