There are so many baby announcements coming out of Ellen Trout Zoo. This is the first one in a long time that is actually on display. We finally got a pair of mating African Crested Porcupines in October 2019 at the popular Lufkin Zoo. Dave was a lonely soul and I remember when the zoo got a female mate for him named Tater.

Yes a girl named Tater, you can get a girl from out of East Texas, but when she gets here, East Texas became her. Porcupines did what porcupines do and the result is one of the cutest, but not cuddly baby zoo animals we have had in a long time.

Born May 7th it's a boy, and of course they started calling him Tatertot, and the name just stuck. You can see him on display at the Ellen Trout Zoo. Take a right and then the second left when you go in the main ticket booth, since this is an African porcupine it would only make sense they are in the Africa exhibit area, but for some reason I think they are in the area in the middle of the first circle.

Baby turtles are great, but this is a mammal, so he is super cute. He is still a baby, and stays right next to mom and dad for protection, so he is usually easy to spot. Ellen Trout Zoo is on the Loop in Lufkin at 402 Zoo Cir, Lufkin TX 75904. They are open and operating at a lower capacity, and they ask that you wear a mask. The Ellen Trout Zoo was founded by Walter Trout in 1967 and located in Lufkin, Texas, United States. The zoo gets about 150,000 visitors a year.

Baby Turtles At Ellen Trout Zoo