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  • Anna Kerns, 17 missing from Henderson
  • Sumer Maberry, 17 missing from Kilgore
  • Help bring these children home

There has been a downward trend that I am glad to see in the number of missing children. In March we had 29 girls and 12 boys go missing in Texas.

This month it's 28 kids in all of Texas. Rest assured that if it was one of your children in that number, it is one nightmare too many.

Two of the girls that went missing this month are from East Texas. Anna Kerns of Henderson and Sumer Maberry of Kilgore.

If you are in the East Texas area pay close attention to the photos, they are first in the list in the photos below.

New Information In Everman, Texas 6-year-old Missing

More children have been added to the missing list in Texas during April. Sadly that doesn't mean that the ones from last month have been found.

One of the more disturbing cases from March was the case of the disappearance of Noel Rodriquez-Alvarez of Everman, Texas.

You might remember the case as his entire family fled the country as extended family members cried foul. Now according to fox4news.com there has been some new evidence in the case.

Now the police believe that he disappeared the last week of October 2022, a week after Noel's mother gave birth to twins. Before the family fled without Noel, the stepfather stole over 10K in cash from his company's safe.

Investigators sent out an amber alert for Noel on March 25, 2023. Since then it has been rescinded and they have now transitioned the search into a death investigation.

Take a look at these photos of these 28 missing children in Texas, along with information on how to report a sighting.

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